Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Pattern Fingerless Gloves - super super easy!!!!

So I finished the fingerless gloves named - Beaute.  I think they should work out well.  I am happy with them.  They are not knit on double pointed needles so for individuals who are a bit shy of the double pointed needle they are perfect. 

They are also fun to knit and a super quick project.  I knit them while playing bingo as I mentioned in a previous post.  I like the color and the yarn worked out well although I may not be able to keep them.  I am sort of alergic to certain types of fibers.  For example, I knit a sweater for my friend made from Misti Alpaca.  I loved this yarn, wanted it, needed it and then I knitted with it.  Day after day my eyes ran.  It was such a difficult project, I just couldn't wait to be done.  I still think Misti Alpaca is a beautiful yarn.  But it is not one I can knit with and enjoy my project. 

I have worked with Classic Elites Alpaca Sox and I didn't have the same experience.  I love the loftiness of the Classic Elite one.  Beaute is made with Mohair which is just as tuff on my eyes.  But, I didn't feel it all of the time so it was a bit easier.

I also finished working on my first book.  It is a collection of my leaf scarf designs.  We'll see how well this works out.  You never know...  It was alot of work and I hope I did it correctly.  Here is the cover

With everyone having difficulty keeping up with the bills, handmade gifts are a great substitute for the expensive brand name gifts.  I have always believed in handmade gifts.  I think they mean more.  Hopefully this is the type of knitting book that people will want and find extremely useful.  I hope they will want to knit every scarf.

Oh well, now I can focus a bit on the green sweater and see what else I come up with.  I still have the Jade Sapphire to decide what to do with.....  :)

Happy knitting to all..

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your book! I've just discovered your work -- am halfway through Twig -- and am looking forward to knitting more of your creations.