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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gigi - Fancy leaf and Rose Pullover - CraftStylish

Gigi - Fancy leaf and Rose Pullover - CraftStylish

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some New patterns and some Old

 I guess the great thing is that I have been so busy I have not had a chance to write here for a bit.  I have release several new patterns and wanted to list the patterns that are offered in my book Twisted Leaves.

So here we go -

Wispy - a great scarf that is knit widthwise so it does not take a long time and kind of creates a wispy feel -

Calm - a really easy pattern that was made with large needles and small lace :)

Tangled which is a fun ICord Leafy Creation

And a free pattern available on

And for anyone wondering what patterns are available in Twisted Leaves
Here is the table of contents.  All patterns are available individually on or on under username knitchicgrace

Twisted Vine Neck Warmer
Spring Flora
RoseBud Neck Warmer
Hope Neck Warmer
Leafy Cabled Neck Warmer
Three Leaves Neck Warmer
Queenie Neck Warmer

Book available on CreateSpace -

Well off to work on more projects - knit knit knit!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Patterns and New on the way!!

The holidays are getting closer - strange but true.  In fact, if you enter a store it is a confusing situation as we are purchasing halloween candy next to the Christmas decorations.  Trully.  Anyhoo, if you want to give your loved ones a special hand made project you may need to start now.  Or you could be like me which means that in November and December you are rushing around like a maniac trying to get everything done.  I have spent many an all nighter trying to finish off that one special gift.

If you are a knitter then knitting takes time and of course selecting that special yarn can take some time.  Here are my favorites for quick but great gifts!!

For beginner knitters try these projects -
Rap -

Edith's Garden -

For advanced beginners or intermediate
EverGreen -

Twisted Vine -

Or if you would like to try to knit a leafy sweater -
Take a look -

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good News and Bad

Well, today I learned my sweater Dream did not make it into the Twist Collective.  Oh well, maybe next time.  This is bad and good all at the same time.  I love the sweater so creating it was a plus.  I will self publish it and that could be good.  Also, it just means I have to design more to try again.  Also a plus because I love to come up with new items.  So even though Dream wasn't chosen it may be just what was suppose to happen.  By the way they wrote a lovely note so I hole no crabbiness and only hope to be able to find the nitch that makes it in.

Here is a pic of Dream -

Dream is knit in merino lace - snorkle from Knit Picks to be exact.  It was a challenge I created for myself.  Could I create a sweater that was made from one ball of lace?  Well I had just a bit left over.  Course it will depend on the size you make and how aggressively you block but it worked and I love the lacyness of it. 

I also finished writing my latest scarf pattern - EverGreen.

EverGreen is a panel of lace sections cast on and off to create leaves that eventually will cascade up creating a wonderfully nature inspired design.  I really like this one.

I am selling the sample as well on my etsy store if you would like the scarf but are not able to knit.  Anyone by the way can  knit.  You just have to give it a try!!

This scarf is alot of fun and can be knit in any type of yarn or for any length.  Just tack, block and off you go. 

I also approved my proof for my new book - Twisted Leaves A Collection of Scarves to Knit -

It is composed of several of my favorite scarf patterns all in one book.  11 patterns in all for 22.00.  If interested here is the link

Fingers crossed :)

Now I am working on Lissette.  Lissette is a twist on the feather and fan look and I love the sweet lace look it has.  I think it looks really vintage and european hence the name.  It reminds me of Lisbon where some of the most beautiful lace is created.

Any hoooo, off to knit and write a pattern.  Hope that the book sells and hope my new patterns offer knitters enjoyment!!  :)

Happy Knitting!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 scarfs down - what else to work on - oh ya the green sweater :)

Well it has been a productive weekend.  I completed my beginners scarf - Rap

This is a great fun scarf.  It is easy with all knits and purls and only 2 fancy (so called) stitches in order to create the opening to slip the wrap tie through.  The scarf is reversible - a plus.  It can be done in any type of worsted weight or bulky yarn - another plus.  It is a stash buster and a gift giver.  I like it.  It fits nicely and is so warm and comfy. 

The second scarf is BeechNut.  This one has been in the background.  Originally the edging was different but, I thought it might be too complicated and not user friendly.  I just decided this weekend to change it to it's current form.  I like it.  The wavyness and drape is great.  The warmth is fabulous.  The alpaca - not my favorite.  I seem to be allergic - see other posts.  But this one is a blend so it didn't bother me as much and I do love the softness -  Here is a picture

You can see the leaf edging and the fancy cables with eyelets.  I really like the vintage look it gives off.  Or at least I think it does.

So now I am looking at a whole 7 more days off what to do?  I did get some Red Heart aloe sock yarn - I thought I would try it.  But I also have sooooo much yarn I could have a yarn store of my own.

I know I have that green sweater, which is close to having the body done.  But, then what???  I would like a nice crewneck or v neck for work.  Maybe I will use my favorite color from Knit Picks lace yarn - snorkle.  I love the name, I love the color.  It is great.  Not really blue, not really turquoise it is perfect for me.  Hmmmm  will have to keep thinking about it.  I also have some pedi socks to finish and another sweater in Plum Zephr to finish.  I have a great cone of Jaggerspun that I would love a long long sweater - may be a fun lacey cardi.

Any way off to knit the green sweater...  Happy Knitting  :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Scarf for beginners

I finished a new scarf today on the train ride in.  I like it.  It is cozy.  Very easy stitches so hopefully it will give beginners something to do :)  I hope to have it ready to go for this weekend but, who knows what will happen...

Tonight my train was late due to a medical emergency.  Very sad I hope she is alright!!! 

I am getting so excited about next week.  I am off on vacation all week.  Which means I can finally catch up with my facebook messages.  I can knit knit knit until I can't knit no more.  And I won't have to worry about installing patches, answering questions or trying to be organized in a sea of my own chaos.   I will miss my friend Cindy, who I haven't been very nice to this week so I will have to do something to make up for it.  We are all stressed to the max and time is always running out.

I found a great book today in a sale bin so I was happy at the end of the day and my new Iphone arrived course I have to get it going.  Right now it is a beautiful paper weight.  I can't wait to see what it does!!!  maybe there is an app for knitting???? 

Right now I am watching Runway models.  I haven't watched the runway episode yet but that will be in a few..  Can't wait. 

Still working on the green sweater but, it is getting closer.  I like it. I think it will be a nice addition to my warm weather wear.  I have so much yarn but, I had to go to the craft store for a project I was doing for my friend Juliet.  While there I found some sock yarn with aloe in it.  I am going to try it out and if I like it I will make socks for my friends this Christmas.  Yes I am adding stuff to my chaotic life.  Anyway got to get ready for the runway!!!!  off the work on the sweater and watch the fun.. Have a great night:)  and happy knitting

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Pattern Fingerless Gloves - super super easy!!!!

So I finished the fingerless gloves named - Beaute.  I think they should work out well.  I am happy with them.  They are not knit on double pointed needles so for individuals who are a bit shy of the double pointed needle they are perfect. 

They are also fun to knit and a super quick project.  I knit them while playing bingo as I mentioned in a previous post.  I like the color and the yarn worked out well although I may not be able to keep them.  I am sort of alergic to certain types of fibers.  For example, I knit a sweater for my friend made from Misti Alpaca.  I loved this yarn, wanted it, needed it and then I knitted with it.  Day after day my eyes ran.  It was such a difficult project, I just couldn't wait to be done.  I still think Misti Alpaca is a beautiful yarn.  But it is not one I can knit with and enjoy my project. 

I have worked with Classic Elites Alpaca Sox and I didn't have the same experience.  I love the loftiness of the Classic Elite one.  Beaute is made with Mohair which is just as tuff on my eyes.  But, I didn't feel it all of the time so it was a bit easier.

I also finished working on my first book.  It is a collection of my leaf scarf designs.  We'll see how well this works out.  You never know...  It was alot of work and I hope I did it correctly.  Here is the cover

With everyone having difficulty keeping up with the bills, handmade gifts are a great substitute for the expensive brand name gifts.  I have always believed in handmade gifts.  I think they mean more.  Hopefully this is the type of knitting book that people will want and find extremely useful.  I hope they will want to knit every scarf.

Oh well, now I can focus a bit on the green sweater and see what else I come up with.  I still have the Jade Sapphire to decide what to do with.....  :)

Happy knitting to all..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

ColourMart Cashmere Blend - Fabulous

The scarf came out soooo soft and wonderful.  I am extremely pleased with the yarn.  I think I may use the rest to create a cardigan if I have enough. 

I started some cute fingerless gloves yesterday while playing video bingo with my friend.  We had alot of fun but, no winning :(

I had the opportunity to visit an Asian market today and got a few fun things.  Other than that I am going to finish the gloves and post them hopefully tomorrow.  I think they will be a nice pattern for beginners or intermediate beginners.  Hopefully they will turn out as I imagine.

Off to knit

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scarf washing now!! Yay now what to make??

Ok so the cashmere is taking a bath as we speak and I am going to work  on the pattern in a few.  I have to finish that green sweater but, I love to work a bunch of projects at once.  I guess my mind never stops.  So on Tuesday, my friend Cindy and I went to Newbury yarns in Boston.  We were treated wonderfully and of course I could not leave without some type of yarn.  I selected Jade Sapphire's Lambswool.  It terrifically soft and it is a pale green.  I will need to see what I can create with this dainty lace yarn. 

I also still have tons of lace from knit picks and some mohair from Colourmart.  I am thinking right now about some fingerless gloves but, which yarn to use for those.  I think I need something with a soft look to give off a slightly romantic feel.  I am still working on it though.  When choosing yarns, I try to think about what I want the end product to look like.  So I will have to look through my stash and see what I can come up with. 

In the meantime I am excited to finish working on my pattern Swirl.  I am still writing up the pattern but, I hope to give knitters a new idea of what they can do with 1 or 2 balls of great sock yarn.  Swirl is created with Classic Elite's Alpaca Sox and it is really fun to work with.  The bloom helps the sweater and I can see knitters getting very different looks with this sweater from fluffy to sleek depending on their yarn selection.

Here is a photo of Swirl -

Hopefully, I will have the pattern listed this weekend along with my cashmere scarf which I am leaving a surprise for today.

Off to block - my favorite!!!  :)

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Art of Blocking Finished Knits

I had alot of anxiety regarding blocking when I was going to try my first time.  I read and checked various blogs.  I compared and looked for answers and ultimately said oh what the H@@@  let's give it a try.

I tried and what do you know it worked.  Each time I block my scarves or sweaters I get better at it.  In order to block you really don't need anything special.  I thought today after looking at some finished knitted projects that I would try to give my advice to the art of blocking.  After all you only need a few pins to start. The pins that don't have the meltable colored balls on top are the best. Trust me from experience. 

The first important thing to remember is what type of fiber are you working with.  Each fiber reacts individually to blocking and it is important to determine if blocking is right for your fiber.  For example, when blocking cotton, I tend to pin it out and then steam it with my iron lightly - I stress lightly - you are not ironing it.  If you are working with a merino or wool, I tend to put the item in a knit garment bag (got one at the dollar store) and throw it in the washer - on delicate cycle with a little woolite or other gentle cleanser.  Make sure you do not use hot or warm water!!!!  Very Important.   Then when it is done.  Pull it out and start to pin. 

Pin to what you ask.  You really don't need one of those terrific boards (although knitpicks and webs has some really nice ones).  I use my ironing board (get an alternate pad) or my counter, table with a towel.  I don't tend to measure and check and measure and pin.  I tend to use my eyes but you can do the alternate pinning measuring and so on if you choose.  The most important thing is to remember what you are trying to achieve with blocking.  If you want to elongate the stitches then pull length wise.  I mean pull that is the point.  My friend calls it aggresively blocking.  If you want to widen the stitches then pull width wise.  An example of useing the art of pulling in the right way is my MoonLight shawl -

For this shawl what I wanted was a circular motion.  I achieved this by pulling lengthwise and equally pulling width wise.  I first pin one end.  Then move down the shawl a little at a time and stretch length wise and width wise.  Each time I adjust the pins to make sure I am achieving the look I want.  Once done , this was the result.  If you are working on a lacy open shawl scarf or sweater, the point to remember is everywhere there is a hole on the edge stick a pin.  The point is to accentuate the details of the lace not just flatten it.  The holes (or eyelets) add detail and should create a flowing dainty look.  For example -

Look at Raindrop and see the gentle waves on the top fo the shawl.  This is achieve by placing the pins on the point you want to pop out.  Then I place additional pins to create the gentle swoop instead of a sharp edge. 

Hope this helps a little with the blocking.  If you are in doubt with how to do it, create some swatches with different shapes and patterns and give it a go.  You may be pleasantly surprise how fun and thrilling it is!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Started new scarf with cashmere!!

Today I started a new scarf with some cashmere I ordered from Colourmart.  So lovely!!  Can't wait to see how it evolves.  So far I like it.  Hope to have it done this weekend and then back onto the green sweater.  Tonight I went off to my son's open house at school.  As usual it was fun.  He is doing great for the most part so I am really happy about that!!!!

Did some more laundry, it never seems to end and am now watching CSI with my son.  And my cat -

Here is a pic of Morti - my baby

Isn't he cute!!!!

He is such a big baby.  He needs a hug everyday or he follows me around until I pick him up. 

Well off to knit again!! It is relaxing and I love to create new designs so I enjoy it!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Introducing Frost

Here is Frost.  The latest pattern for fall.

I really like how this came out.  The yarn purchased at Colourmart - is terrific.  I will have to get some more in another color.  After washing it was so light and flufy it is perfect for this scarf.  The pattern is available on Etsy and Ravelry so take a look and see if it is the right pattern for you.  Well I am off to knit some more and do some laundry.  :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

So the time is NOW!!

Yes the time has come again when knitting is in fashion .... so to speak.  I mean only that you will not sweat pounds away when knitting.  Even though I knit year round and some may look at me funny when it is 90 degrees and I am still working with Alpaca.  I love the fall when I no longer get those are you out of your mind stares. 

Last week I received two packages that I am so excited to receive.  The first from Knit Picks with so much wonderful lace yarn.  They were having a sale.  :)

I also recieved some great stuff from Colourmart - they were not have a sale but their prices are like having a sale everyday anyway :)

I just finished my first project with the Colourmart yarn - it is blocking as we write.  I was so impressed with how it cleaned up.  I know they say it has oil on it from the machines but I can never see it.  This time I put it in a sweater bag and washed it in the washer on delicate with woollite and wala -   it bloomed up like there was no tomorrow.  It is so soft and squishy and I love it.  Tomorrow I will list it on Ravelry and on my etsy site for sale -- It is a fun, easy and fast shawlish/scarf named Frost

The next item I am working on is a soft green more of a celery color sweater.  I like it but I am still working on the body part so we will have to see how it works out.  After that I will start another project but, I am still thinking what I want to do next!!

Last night I was working on an Ebook.  I am not sure if I should publish it or try to get it published ... Still thinking it over.  It is a collection of leaf scarves and I am naming it at the moment - Twisted Leaves..

Off to knit.....:)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Stuff New Yarn New Patterns!!!

I have been so busy with the holidays and all of the work work work that I have not been able to keep up with lots of things. Recently, I have started two sweater patterns. I have a blue silk pattern and yesterday I started a mauve one -

I purchase supersock merino for the mauve one and it looks great!! It has the perfect weight for a classy sweater to wear to work. - My latest purchase came from

The yarn is beautiful and I am so excited to get started. First I have to wind it all which I hate but, once that chore is done I am off to what I can create. The mauve t is going to be hopefully great. I can't wait and started a bit of it last night. I need more silk so I will work on this one until I get it.

In the meantime I am posting some of my fav patterns and adding a link for purchase.

My designs can be seen on Ravelry under knitchicgrace or if interested in seeing more.

Leafy Cable -

Twisted Vine -

Rosebud -