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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Finished ModaDea - Bamboo Wool Cardigan

This sweater is DONE!!!!


Now onto the cotton, lacey and cool tank. I have already created the lace pattern but, we will have to see how it works on with the yarn. This time I have selected Nashua Creative Focus DK cotton. It is a really pretty purple color 165. I can't wait to get started so I am going to be short tonight as my mini vaca is over and I am back to work tomorrow.

My knitting budy at work will be waiting for me so I am going to bring my cardigan to show her. I posted a few photos for you to see - If you would like the pattern please visit and you can purchase it. There are quite a few other knitting patterns there as well.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Who needs sleeves

Today I have completed tons of work and even convinced my kids to help clean the house. It was a great productive day. I have only the sleeves left to finish on the sweater it is looking really good. I have to find the perfect tie. I want something tiny with tassles I think. And then I need to write up the pattern and finalize it. I can't wait to see if anyone likes it. I love the yarn. It is extremley soft and hopefully will wear well.

I think the next project I will be working on will be something cotton somthing lacy and something I can wear in this 80 degree weather we seem to be having. I have some ideas in mind but I will have to get out the graph paper and see what I can come up with.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bamboo design

Here is what I came up with - after taking it out only 3 times -

I have two cables and a lace chain going down the two fronts of the cardigan. I am hoping to end it with a tie and tassle type look. The yarn is really great. I did knit a sweater from 100% bamboo and it is a bit slippery. This is a blend so the feel is really soft and it looks like it might have more staying power. The moda dea product also has quite a bit in the skein which adds to the greatness of it. I have almost completed the body of the sweater and have only gone through 2 skeins.

In part of the pattern I am going to use a chart to explain the stitches rather than writing them all out. I am hoping this will be acceptable. I find charts to be easier sometimes because I like to knit on the train. The train does not offer lots of space to unfold huge patterns and so a chart can be a lot easier.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

what to do????

Here I sit with 6 skeins of bamboo - oh what to do????

I would like to create a top down cardigan with lace and cables. SO I have to get out my calculator and start to figure. Hmm. It is a great color green and I want somthing earthy. A truly perfect project for fall but, I am now in summer and the yarn is soooo soft.

I guess I should go and get dressed..... then start to create......

What I will ponder while showering -
  1. what needle size
  2. double yarn or single
  3. Lace all or part
  4. cable difficult or am I feeling a bit easy
  5. How fast do I want this baby done

Let's see I have completed lot's of lace -which I truly enjoy. Cables are a bit hard for me - the sts always seem to slip from the needle.

What to do?