Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 scarfs down - what else to work on - oh ya the green sweater :)

Well it has been a productive weekend.  I completed my beginners scarf - Rap

This is a great fun scarf.  It is easy with all knits and purls and only 2 fancy (so called) stitches in order to create the opening to slip the wrap tie through.  The scarf is reversible - a plus.  It can be done in any type of worsted weight or bulky yarn - another plus.  It is a stash buster and a gift giver.  I like it.  It fits nicely and is so warm and comfy. 

The second scarf is BeechNut.  This one has been in the background.  Originally the edging was different but, I thought it might be too complicated and not user friendly.  I just decided this weekend to change it to it's current form.  I like it.  The wavyness and drape is great.  The warmth is fabulous.  The alpaca - not my favorite.  I seem to be allergic - see other posts.  But this one is a blend so it didn't bother me as much and I do love the softness -  Here is a picture

You can see the leaf edging and the fancy cables with eyelets.  I really like the vintage look it gives off.  Or at least I think it does.

So now I am looking at a whole 7 more days off what to do?  I did get some Red Heart aloe sock yarn - I thought I would try it.  But I also have sooooo much yarn I could have a yarn store of my own.

I know I have that green sweater, which is close to having the body done.  But, then what???  I would like a nice crewneck or v neck for work.  Maybe I will use my favorite color from Knit Picks lace yarn - snorkle.  I love the name, I love the color.  It is great.  Not really blue, not really turquoise it is perfect for me.  Hmmmm  will have to keep thinking about it.  I also have some pedi socks to finish and another sweater in Plum Zephr to finish.  I have a great cone of Jaggerspun that I would love a long long sweater - may be a fun lacey cardi.

Any way off to knit the green sweater...  Happy Knitting  :)

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Anonymous said...

want scarfs will be purchasing asap.they like all your designs are fantastic....Barbaraxx