Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good News and Bad

Well, today I learned my sweater Dream did not make it into the Twist Collective.  Oh well, maybe next time.  This is bad and good all at the same time.  I love the sweater so creating it was a plus.  I will self publish it and that could be good.  Also, it just means I have to design more to try again.  Also a plus because I love to come up with new items.  So even though Dream wasn't chosen it may be just what was suppose to happen.  By the way they wrote a lovely note so I hole no crabbiness and only hope to be able to find the nitch that makes it in.

Here is a pic of Dream -

Dream is knit in merino lace - snorkle from Knit Picks to be exact.  It was a challenge I created for myself.  Could I create a sweater that was made from one ball of lace?  Well I had just a bit left over.  Course it will depend on the size you make and how aggressively you block but it worked and I love the lacyness of it. 

I also finished writing my latest scarf pattern - EverGreen.

EverGreen is a panel of lace sections cast on and off to create leaves that eventually will cascade up creating a wonderfully nature inspired design.  I really like this one.

I am selling the sample as well on my etsy store if you would like the scarf but are not able to knit.  Anyone by the way can  knit.  You just have to give it a try!!

This scarf is alot of fun and can be knit in any type of yarn or for any length.  Just tack, block and off you go. 

I also approved my proof for my new book - Twisted Leaves A Collection of Scarves to Knit -

It is composed of several of my favorite scarf patterns all in one book.  11 patterns in all for 22.00.  If interested here is the link

Fingers crossed :)

Now I am working on Lissette.  Lissette is a twist on the feather and fan look and I love the sweet lace look it has.  I think it looks really vintage and european hence the name.  It reminds me of Lisbon where some of the most beautiful lace is created.

Any hoooo, off to knit and write a pattern.  Hope that the book sells and hope my new patterns offer knitters enjoyment!!  :)

Happy Knitting!!


ikumi said...

hello there! I found your patterns on ravelry-- and I must say, your patterns are one of a kind! There's something really lovely about your knitted works. I am going to start with your "luve" when I get my fingering weight yarn. Sorry to hear about the sweater news, but I'm sure we'll see more of your patterns in many places in the future!

mammaknitta said...

Well, sorry about the twist collective. Keep tryin. Your designs are trully beautiful and inspired. Anyone can design a typical sweater. But, it takes talent and a vision to design a garment that is essentially knitted sculpture. I love your work.

Kathleen said...

What about knitty.com? Your patterns are great!

Anonymous said...

I am interested in your book, but I would like to know which patterns are included in it :) Thanks!