Saturday, July 5, 2008

what to do????

Here I sit with 6 skeins of bamboo - oh what to do????

I would like to create a top down cardigan with lace and cables. SO I have to get out my calculator and start to figure. Hmm. It is a great color green and I want somthing earthy. A truly perfect project for fall but, I am now in summer and the yarn is soooo soft.

I guess I should go and get dressed..... then start to create......

What I will ponder while showering -
  1. what needle size
  2. double yarn or single
  3. Lace all or part
  4. cable difficult or am I feeling a bit easy
  5. How fast do I want this baby done

Let's see I have completed lot's of lace -which I truly enjoy. Cables are a bit hard for me - the sts always seem to slip from the needle.

What to do?

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