Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bamboo design

Here is what I came up with - after taking it out only 3 times -

I have two cables and a lace chain going down the two fronts of the cardigan. I am hoping to end it with a tie and tassle type look. The yarn is really great. I did knit a sweater from 100% bamboo and it is a bit slippery. This is a blend so the feel is really soft and it looks like it might have more staying power. The moda dea product also has quite a bit in the skein which adds to the greatness of it. I have almost completed the body of the sweater and have only gone through 2 skeins.

In part of the pattern I am going to use a chart to explain the stitches rather than writing them all out. I am hoping this will be acceptable. I find charts to be easier sometimes because I like to knit on the train. The train does not offer lots of space to unfold huge patterns and so a chart can be a lot easier.

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