Saturday, September 26, 2009

So the time is NOW!!

Yes the time has come again when knitting is in fashion .... so to speak.  I mean only that you will not sweat pounds away when knitting.  Even though I knit year round and some may look at me funny when it is 90 degrees and I am still working with Alpaca.  I love the fall when I no longer get those are you out of your mind stares. 

Last week I received two packages that I am so excited to receive.  The first from Knit Picks with so much wonderful lace yarn.  They were having a sale.  :)

I also recieved some great stuff from Colourmart - they were not have a sale but their prices are like having a sale everyday anyway :)

I just finished my first project with the Colourmart yarn - it is blocking as we write.  I was so impressed with how it cleaned up.  I know they say it has oil on it from the machines but I can never see it.  This time I put it in a sweater bag and washed it in the washer on delicate with woollite and wala -   it bloomed up like there was no tomorrow.  It is so soft and squishy and I love it.  Tomorrow I will list it on Ravelry and on my etsy site for sale -- It is a fun, easy and fast shawlish/scarf named Frost

The next item I am working on is a soft green more of a celery color sweater.  I like it but I am still working on the body part so we will have to see how it works out.  After that I will start another project but, I am still thinking what I want to do next!!

Last night I was working on an Ebook.  I am not sure if I should publish it or try to get it published ... Still thinking it over.  It is a collection of leaf scarves and I am naming it at the moment - Twisted Leaves..

Off to knit.....:)

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